15 Signs You’re from Connecticut

Connecticut is infamously known as the traffic-filled piece of land that connects New York and Boston. However, once you veer off the congested highways, you will find that Connecticut is actually a pretty awesome place. From the state’s breathtaking fall foliage to summers on the Long Island Sound, there is always something new to discover. Aside from that, what other state can boast about being home to both the first hamburger (1895) and the first helicopter (1939)?

Whether you have lived in the state for a few years, or your whole life, true Nutmeggers can relate to these 15 signs you’re from Connecticut.

1. You have been to at least one concert at “The Meadows” (now known as Comcast/XFINITY Theater).


2. That concert was either a Dave Matthews Band or country concert.

Dave Matthews Band

3. You know to avoid I-95 at all costs.


4. You have taken several family “daycations” to Mystic.

Mystic Seaport

5. Every school field trip was to a colonial historic site.

Colonial Sites

6. Your neighborhood becomes divided during baseball, hockey, and football season, with half rooting for the New York teams and the other half rooting for Boston.

New York or Boston Sports

7. Regardless of your thoughts on basketball, you become a crazy obsessed UConn fan when March rolls around.


8. You also own at least one piece of UConn apparel, regardless of what college or university you actually attended.

UConn Apparel

9. You have been asked if you live in a mansion or if people from your town are rich snobs.


10. You judge fellow Nutmeggers based on their area code (203 vs. 860).

Area Codes

11. You strongly disagree when someone tries to tell you that New York has the best pizza because you know that they clearly have never tried Pepe’s.

Pepe's Pizza

12. You spent your childhood summers at Lake Compounce or Quassy.

Quassy Amusement Park

13. You somehow received free tickets to one (or all) of the following sporting events: Rockcats baseball, Hartford Wolf Pack, Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

Free Sports Tickets

14. Regardless of your feelings about hockey, you are still bitter about the Hartford Whalers’ relocation to North Carolina.

Hartford Whalers

15. Everything in the state is conveniently 30 to 45 minutes away.


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