Get to Know the Neighbors

When prospective new renters come to Aspen Communities for a tour of one of our beautiful Connecticut apartment rentals, I’m often asked about each development’s neighbors. Get to know two of our renters who reside in Aspen Glen located in Hamden, CT.

Meet Two Aspen Glen Apartment Renters

Meet Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn has been an Aspen Glen renter for more than four years. She’s in her late 20s and lives with her boyfriend who is in his early 30s. And then there’s her pet cat Jackson that also lives with them. (Yes, our apartments are pet friendly!) Kaitlyn works in sales, traveling throughout the state of Connecticut. She has a Bachelor Degree in Communication from the University of Rhode Island and a Masters in Business from Southern Connecticut State University.

As so many of our residents do, Kaitlyn enjoys tennis, golf, working out, and swimming. When she works from home when not traveling around the state for work, she can more easily squeeze in time at our tennis court, pool, and gym. She also enjoys biking and walking on the nearby bike trail that travels throughout Connecticut. When she heads off-site, she can often be found dining at Eli’s on Whitney Ave, or, shopping at a nearby store. When I asked Kaitlyn why she chose our apartment rentals, she said:

“Convenience and the amenities, mainly. I take advantage of the pool and the gym. The development is in a secluded area but is just a few minutes away from Rt. 91 and Rt. 15. Aspen Glen is in the perfect location for what I need. Also, the apartments have great layouts. I’m in a model that has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s a good size.”

Meet Patti

“I work a lot,” said Patti. “So, my apartment is pretty quiet. This community is overall very peaceful, despite a lot of students living in it.” Patti works in jewelry sales. She joined our community in November with her Yorkie Riley and black and white Tabby cat Payton.

“I love taking walks around the property, which the property lends itself to doing,” she added. Prior to renting at Aspen, Patti lived in Fairfield, Connecticut for about 17 years, but she’s originally from New York. She loves Italian food and going out with friends.

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