Aspen Green: Affordable Housing Available for Renters in Simsbury, CT

Get Lower Rates at Aspen Green

Are you planning to move to Simsbury in the near future, but have a household income that is lower than the region’s average income? Our Aspen Green community offers affordable housing, which means you can rent certain townhomes here for a lower price if you meet certain requirements. This allows renters with low incomes to rent a townhome at a more reasonable price. If you think you qualify for affordable rentals, please continue reading to learn more about this program.

What You Need to Know About Affordable Housing

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For those of you who are not sure what affordable housing rates are, here is everything you need to know. Affordable housing refers to any household, apartment, or townhome that is seen as affordable to anyone with a household income below the median income for that county or town. A local government will rate these buildings to determine if they can be considered affordable.

These households are typically offered at reduced rates to qualifying citizens, so the new homeowners can reasonably afford them. Affordable housing is important, as it allows families with lower incomes to have roofs over their heads during rough financial periods.

Benefits of Affordable Housing

Citizens who can take advantage of affordable housing will benefit in several ways. As mentioned above, the primary benefit is that low income families now have places to live when they are unable to afford regular housing. Adding to this, children living in affordable homes have reduced stress levels, and will have a better chance of succeeding in school as a result.

In addition, homeowners living under affordable housing do not have to spend as much on rent, so they will have more money on standby. This means they can comfortably afford important essentials, like food, water, and healthcare. Anyone with a low household income can benefit greatly by taking advantage of affordable housing.

Affordable Housing for Simsbury

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A select number of apartments at Aspen Green are classified under affordable housing. If you want to get affordable housing here, you first need to check and see if you meet the requirements. Specifically, you can rent an apartment at a reduced rate if your household income does not exceed our specific limit.

It is important to note that your household income limit may change depending on the size of your family. Rent and income levels can change at any time, so keep this in mind if you wish to apply for affordable housing.

Please contact our leasing office to get more information about specific income requirements. Our Simsbury leasing office is open seven days a week, and our luxury apartments are always available for viewing.

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