Aspen Glen: Luxury Apartments for Rent in Hamden, CT

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in New Haven County, CT

Nestled within Hamden, CT is Aspen Glen, a private, luxury apartment community with over 400 units available to rent. With an impressive selection of amenities, including a swimming pool and in-unit washers and dryers, Aspen Glen is a premiere apartment community in New Haven County. Its prime location also puts residents close to local entertainment and cultural offerings. Continue reading if you would like to learn more.

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The Best Schools in Hamden, CT

When you decide to move to a new town there are a lot of factors that you have to be aware of. One of those factors is the quality of the local schools, because if you have kids you want to make sure that they will attend a school that offers a good education. If you are interested in moving to Hamden you will be pleased to know that it is home to some of the best schools offered in Connecticut. Take a few minutes to read about a few of the top schools that Hamden has to offer.

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Historical Hamden, CT: Places You Should Visit

Historical Hamden, CT: Places You Should Visit

Known as the “Land of the Sleeping Giant,” Hamden, CT is a well-known town in New Haven County. Hamden has a significant role in Connecticut’s history, and people come from all over the country to visit the different historical sites found here. We partnered with the Hamden Historical Society to showcase some of Hamden’s best historical sites. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you should try to visit the following places.
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Off Campus Activities for Quinnipiac & UNH Students

Are you looking to take a break from your college assignments so you can do something off campus? Students attending college in New Haven County, CT have access to a wide collection of activities and attractions that can be found in the nearby area. College can be overwhelming at times, so you should set aside some time to do something fun every once in a while. Take part in one of the following activities close to your off campus apartment.
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15 Signs You’re from Connecticut

15 Signs You're From Connecticut

Connecticut is infamously known as the traffic-filled piece of land that connects New York and Boston. However, once you veer off the congested highways, you will find that Connecticut is actually a pretty awesome place. From the state’s breathtaking fall foliage to summers on the Long Island Sound, there is always something new to discover. Aside from that, what other state can boast about being home to both the first hamburger (1895) and the first helicopter (1939)?

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