Moving Off Campus? Everything You Need to Get Before Moving In

Getting Ready for Off Campus Life

Renting an off campus apartment for the first time is exciting for college and university students. By living off the school’s property, you can have the freedom to set up your living space however you wish. However, off campus life is a major commitment, since no one from the school’s staff will be able to help get your apartment together. Get prepared to live off campus by getting all the following things together before the school year commences. 

Groceries & Food Supplies

Buying Ingredients to Cook at Home

If you are planning to live off campus, chances are you are doing it because you want to prepare your own meals. Some students would rather make food on their own, and not have to worry about paying for a food plan on-campus. The tradeoff, however, is that you need to have a consistent plan for grocery shopping, since the college will not be providing you with food. 

First, make sure you have enough cooking supplies, including bowls, frying pans, pots, and utensils so you will be ready to prepare your food once you are moved in. In regards to actual food shopping, try to stay on budget by opting for healthier ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, and other such things. Never wait until your kitchen is empty before you go shopping; go to the store just before it seems like you are going to run out. 

Apartment Furniture & Other Tools

Off-Campus Housing Will Have to Be Furnished

Unlike college dorms, most off-campus apartments you find will not be furnished when you move in, so you need to find what you can so you can furnish it before school begins. Drive around and look for nice, sturdy pieces of furniture that you can buy at fair prices. If you plan to live with a roommate, split up a list so you can work together to shop for everything you need in the apartment. 

Ask your friends and family to see if they can donate anything that you can use at your new apartment. Some things to ask about include couches, tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture that might cost a fair amount of money at the store. Thrift stores may also have some cheap items, but make sure you properly test everything you are interested in before you finalize any purchases. 

While you are at it, ask about other things, like vacuum cleaners and dusters, that you can use to keep your apartment nice and clean. 

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is a must-have for off campus students. Accidents can happen, and when they occur, you will have to spend a lot of extra money if you do not have some kind of insurance plan. A renter’s insurance plan will cover these costs, so if your property is damaged or stolen over the course of the school year, the losses will be covered. 

There are several types of plans to choose from, so check the available options to see what fits well with your lifestyle. You should not have to worry about expenses in this situation, since most renter’s insurance plans are quite cheap. This is because renter’s insurance plans only focus on insuring your personal belongings, and nothing else. 

In fact, most plans cost anywhere from $150 to $300 a year, according to Money Talks News

Parking Spots

Secure Parking For Off-Campus Housing

To wrap up, you need to know what you are doing for parking at your apartment community. Certain apartments may have garages for you to park your car in, but others will have public parking areas. Speak with your landlord before you move in to confirm if your lease comes with reserved parking. Discuss a plan for parking if this is not the case. 

Parking is not just something you need to worry about at your community; it is also something to think about when you head out to your school. If you plan to drive to the college each day, you may need to get a parking permit before the start of the school year if you have a lot of classes to attend during a specific day.  

You may not be able to rely on free parking (especially if your school has a lot of attendees), so speak with someone at your school to see if you can get a parking plan for the year. 

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