Greening Your Apartment: How You Can Be More Eco-Friendly at Home

Going Green in an Apartment Rental

Are you an apartment renter who wants to go green? Being environmentally conscious requires making a few changes to your daily routine, but they are easy to adjust to. By making just a handful of changes to your lifestyle, you can make a huge impact on the environment. You just might save some money on your rental in the process and even start some spring cleaning as well. 

Follow these tips to go green while you are renting an apartment.

1. Cut Down on Energy Usage

Cut Electricity Use with Powerstrips

One of the best ways to go green in your apartment is to cut back on the amount of electricity you are using. We rely on electricity to get by, but when we rely on it too much we put extra stress on energy plants. As a result, they produce harmful substances that go into the air. Even if you conserve energy usage, appliances that are not in use can still burn energy if they are plugged in.

Always turn the lights off when you are out of your apartment, and only wash your clothes and dishes when you have a full load to clean. Try shopping for a power strip, so you can unplug it at the end of the day to turn off multiple appliances at once. Finally, try swapping your current lightbulbs with more energy-efficient ones so you do not consume as much electricity when you need to have the lights on.

For more ways to conserve energy in your apartment, check out the hottest tech trends renters are taking advantage of.

2. Adjust Your Blinds to Deal With Changing Temperature

Closed Window Blinds Save Energy

During cold and warm months it is very tempting to mess around with the thermostat to make the temperature more comfortable. The issue here is that you can burn a lot of energy by making the temperature too low or too high. To reduce your reliance on the apartment’s thermostat, get into the habit of adjusting the blinds on your apartment windows.

During the winter, try opening the blinds on sunny days to let the sun’s rays warm up the unit. Close the blinds during the summer to keep the sun from making the apartment too hot. By lowering your reliance on adjusting the thermostat you can make a strong impact on your environment.

3. Recycle More Often

Recycling is Eco Friendly

A fantastic way to keep your apartment eco-friendly is by recycling. Whether it’s simply separating your garbage or repurposing different items or even starting your own compost, the act of recycling does the planet a world of good.

You should always be recycling if you want to make a positive impact on the Earth. There are a lot of people who throw out items that can be recycled, and they end up sitting in landfills for years. By being an active recycler, you can lower the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills across the country.

Set up a recycling bin right next to your trash can so you know to toss out items made from recyclable materials, including paper, aluminum, and plastic. Check with your landlord to see if there is a place where you can deposit your recyclables once the bin gets full. If your community does not have a recycling program, look online to see where you can find a local recycling plant.

4. Add Some Greenery

Go Green with Flowers

Another easy way to go green is to introduce flowers and other plants into your apartment space. Not only do potted plants make great centerpieces, they also help clean the air around your apartment. They can do this by clearing out harmful pollutants that are floating through the air. They’ll work to clean harmful pollutants and fight off germs to ensure that you stay healthy. 

If your landlord permits you to do so, you can even plant a garden right outside your apartment unit. Be careful about using certain types of pesticides, because some have chemicals that can harm the atmosphere. No matter what you choose to do, make sure your flowers and plants are frequently watered so they stay healthy.

5. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Perhaps the best way though to “green” your apartment is by having more “green” in it. Placing some flowers in the window box or a couple of ficus around with not only help the air quality of your apartment, it will also add some color and ambiance to your place, boosting your spirits, right in times for spring.

If you shop for cleaners to use in your apartment, you should take a closer look at the ingredients they are made with. Some cleaning products are made with substances that can harm the atmosphere if they are used too often. Many popular cleaning products are not made organically, so be careful when you go shopping.

Go green and try to shop for household cleaners that are produced with more natural ingredients. When you go out, check the ingredients used in products you want to buy so you can see if they were made with organic materials. As an added bonus, try to see if these products come in packages made with recycled materials.

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