Live the Good Life: Luxury Apartment Amenities

When you are looking for a new place to call home, there are certain amenities that are simply must-haves. Other amenities, however, are far more luxurious and offer new residents a taste of the finer side of life. These interior upgrades and community features are not always necessary for creating a relaxing and inviting home, but they sure do help! See below for a list of our favorite luxury amenities, along with which communities you can find them at.

Luxury Apartment Amenities Without Breaking the Bank

At Your Apartment

ENERGY STAR Construction

Energy star construction

ENERGY STAR construction is truly a value-added feature to any apartment home or residence. According to them, new construction that is ENERGY STAR certified leads to reduced leaks and drafts, more consistent temperatures within each residence, and higher indoor air quality.

Available At: Aspen Green

Ceramic Tile Kitchens and/or Bathrooms

Ceramic Tile Luxury Apt Amenities

Many apartment communities utilize cheap construction in an effort to keep costs down, but a true luxury apartment or townhome will feature ceramic tile in the kitchen and/or bath. Easy to maintain, ceramic tile gives off an air of luxury making it more enjoyable to go about your daily routine.

Available At: Aspen Glen (Bathroom), Aspen Green (Kitchen and Bathroom), Aspen Highlands (Kitchen and Bathroom), Country Walk (Kitchen and Bathroom)

Private Patio/Balcony

Patio Luxury Apt Amenities

A private patio or balcony is ideal for those who want to enjoy the fresh air from the privacy of their apartment home. Enjoy your morning coffee, catch up on a good book, or otherwise enjoy the scenery from a private patio or balcony built just for your home.

Available At: Aspen Glen, Aspen Green, Aspen Highlands, Aspen Woods, Country Walk

Within Your Community

Reserved Carports and Private Garages

Garage Exterior Luxury Apt Amenities

A reserved carport is a great amenity for those living in apartments. Not only will you always have access to a parking spot near your home, but your vehicle will also fair far better against the elements. A detached garage offers residents reserved parking, too, but it also provides apartment dwellers with additional storage space for their vehicles, collectibles, sport equipment and much more. And, if your community offers attached garages, you won’t have to worry about carrying groceries through the rain or snow!

Available At: Aspen Glen (Carports Available), Aspen Green (Attached Garages Available), Aspen Highlands (Covered Parking), Aspen Woods (Covered Parking), Country Walk (1 and 2 Car Attached Garages Available)

Fitness Center

Fitness Center

What better way to stay in shape than with free access to a state-of-the-art gym that’s mere moments from your door. Many apartment complexes have a fitness center on the property, so choose a property that makes it easy to make your health and fitness a priority. Bonus: You can drop your monthly gym membership and save yourself time and money!

Available At: Aspen Glen, Aspen Green, Aspen Highlands, Aspen Woods



While many apartment communities have a clubhouse of some kind, truly luxurious apartments will have a clubhouse that cater to their residents’ daily needs with spaces for entertaining, leisure, business and more. Check to see if your potential future home has a business center with free computer and printer access or an entertaining space complete with billiards, darts or other fun games. These added benefits may not seem like much now, but when deadlines approach and your computer gets a virus or your outdoor event is rained out, you’ll be glad you have this as a backup plan!

Available At: Aspen Green, Aspen Woods, Country Walk


Pool Luxurious Apt Amenities

On the hottest of summer days, you’ll be glad to have a pool at your community. Catch some rays, chat poolside or simply enjoy the comradery with your fellow residents. If you have younger children, this is an especially desirable amenity to have.

Communities: Aspen Glen, Aspen Green, Aspen Woods, Country Walk

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