New Haven Haunts: The Most Haunted Places in New Haven County, CT

Frightful Spots in New Haven County, CT

Halloween is fast approaching, and people are looking to get into the spirit of the season. At this time of year, people are drawn to places that have their own ghost stories. Some people want to see if the legends surrounding these places are true. Others are looking for an excuse to hear some scary stories.

New Haven County is home to several haunted spots, ranging from crypts to cemeteries. Many of them are close to our Aspen Glen apartment community. You can get your adrenaline pumping by learning about some of these notable haunted spots.

Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery Mart Hart’s Tombstone

The Evergreen Cemetery is among the most well-known haunted destinations in New Haven. Many stories have come from this cemetery, but the story of Mary Hart is the most well-known. She died in 1872, and the legends say that she was buried alive here. She appeared to be dead, but was apparently unconscious from doing too much work.

Visitors claimed to have seen “Midnight Mary” roaming around the cemetery after midnight. This story, along with a few others, has made this a popular spot for people interested in paranormal activity. Do you have the guts to see if Mary is hanging around late at night?

New Haven Green & New Haven Crypt

New Haven Green Trees & Building
Source: Yelp

Another destination to check out is the New Haven Crypt, found under the Center Church. Located in New Haven Green, this historic crypt houses tombstones that date back all the way to 1687. The park was once used as New Haven’s primary burial ground, and the crypt preserves a small part of it.

New Haven Green got too crowded, so the graves had to be moved to Grove Street Cemetery. The buried bodies were not moved though, and remain there to this day. The founder of Yale University, Reverend James Pierpont, is among the buried individuals.

The crypt has a long history of ghost stories, and has attracted plenty of visitors as a result. If you want to take a look for yourself, consider taking a tour with a few of your friends. Tours are available from April through October on Saturday mornings.

Downs Road

Downs Road in Bethany has always had an unsettling vibe to it. Once home to a thriving community, this Connecticut road is now shut down at both ends. Only the foundations of old houses remain along the busted and abandoned road.

It should come as no surprise that few urban legends have sprung up about this place. One popular story is the legend of the Downs Road monster. People who have ventured here claim to have seen a yeti-like creature roaming the area, though some claim it was an albino horse.

Other people who have dared to visit say that ghosts and spirits lurk in the area as well.

Fort Nathan Hale

Restored Black Rock Fort at Nathan Hale Park
Source: WIkimedia Commons

Fort Nathan Hale is located along the shore of New Haven Harbor. Also known as Black Rock Fort, this area once served as a military fort during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. During the Revolutionary War, 19 colonists defended the fort from British invaders. They fought the army of invaders as best they could until they had to flee.

Fort Nathan Hale now serves as a public park. Over the past century, visitors claimed to have seen apparitions of soldiers lurking around the park. If you have an interest in ghosts, you may want to check this place out some time.

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