Moving in to Your First Off Campus Apartment

Living in the dorms is a big part of getting the full college experience. After the first year or two, you may find that dorm life is getting old. You’re ready to have your very own kitchen, or maybe finally have a bedroom to yourself. As a popular choice for off campus housing for students of Quinnipiac, Yale, and other New Haven area schools, we thought about a few considerations you want to make before moving in to your first off-campus apartment.

How to Find The Best CT Off Campus Housing

Location, Location, Location

How close do you want to be to campus? Do you have an internship that will require you to travel? Your choice in off campus housing allows you to be close to school if you’re heavily involved with classes and extra curricular activities, but can also provide you with access to public transportation if you’re looking to take an internship in Hartford or NYC. Keep this in mind when you search for an apartment for the upcoming year.

Talk With Your Roommates

Of course you had a roommate while living in the dorms; but with an entire apartment and more freedoms, things are slightly different. Find someone that you feel lives similarly to you. Before you move in, set up a group text with your roommate(s) to discuss things like who will bring a flat-screen TV, what /blog/furnishing-your-apartment-on-a-budget/ you have already that could be used within your apartment. Talking about who brings what will help each of you save time, money, and frustration.

Once you move in, keep an open flow of communication discussing things like budget and setting ground rules. It will help to avoid any miscommunications down the road.

Remember to Include Everyday Needs in Your Budget

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When moving into an apartment for the first time, budgeting isn’t something to forget about. While you may remember to include your rent and utilities, don’t forget to budget for things like toilet paper, grocery, and monthly subscription services. It can all add up quickly! Also take in to account gas and vehicle expenses.

Phone A Friend

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Once you sign your lease, ask friends on Facebook or through text if they can help you with your move-in. This is also a great time to ask if they’re looking to give away any spare furniture or other things that may be handy in your apartment rental. This can be a great way to save money, and also a great way for your friends to get rid of any unwanted items.