The University of New Haven: A Quick Guide for Off Campus Students

Off Campus Tips for New Haven Students

Founded in 1920, the University of New Haven is one of Connecticut’s most popular colleges. The school itself takes up 122 acres, and consists of a main campus in West Haven and a graduate school campus in Orange. Thanks to a healthy selection of local shops and off campus destinations, many students choose to take advantage of off campus housing instead of living in a campus dorm.

If you are on the fence about living off campus, see why should consider it. If you plan to live off campus, keep reading to learn about some helpful assets for University of New Haven students.

Living Off Campus vs. Living at New Haven University

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When comparing on campus housing with off campus housing, there are quite a few differences to take into consideration. For example, you have to drive out to the campus each day when you live off campus, since the apartment will probably be quite a distance away from your school. Despite this, there are several advantages to having your own apartment.

One of the biggest benefits of living off campus is that you have more options when it comes to getting food. College dorms do not have their own kitchens, so you usually have to rely on whatever is offered through your meal plan. When you live on your own, you have the freedom to prepare your own meals.

In addition, students living off campus can choose who they want to live with. Ultimately, the choice you make in regards to living off campus or on living on campus simply depends on your personal preferences. Be sure to check up on these resources if you decide to live off campus.

Transportation Options

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One of the biggest adjustments you have to make when living off campus is having to drive out to the college each day. This really should not be an issue if you moved into a community close to the University of New Haven campus. If you do not have a car that can take you to the campus, however, there are several local transportation options in New Haven County that you can take advantage of.

A bus stop can be found near our Aspen Glen community at Hamden Hills Drive that can take you straight to the campus. Students who are bit further away can use the Amtrak to travel to New Haven’s Union Station, which is minutes away from the campus. If you have a friend that lives in the same community as you, consider asking for a ride every once in a while.

Shops, Restaurants, & Other Destinations

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If you are planning to live off campus, you need to know where you can find food and other helpful items for your apartment. For grocery shopping, you can visit Trader Joe’s at 560 Boston Post Road, or Super Stop & Shop at 485 Broad Street, both of which are 30 minutes away from the university. There are also many local restaurants you can visit if you want to treat yourself to dinner, including Zuppardi’s Apizza.

For general shopping, the Milford Crossing shopping mall on Boston Post Road is a good place to visit if you need clothes, books, décor, and more. You can also visit the West Haven Pharmacy if you need to pick up medicine while you are away at school. Keep these places in mind so you know just where to go if you need to go shopping.

Off Campus Activities

Yale University Art Gallery

By living outside the University of New Haven campus, you have easy access to several off campus activities around New Haven. If you need to take a break from your school work, you can take a walk through East Rock Park. You can also visit the Yale University Art Gallery if you want to browse an extensive selection of historic sculptures and artwork.

Do you enjoy trying out different meals? Then consider signing up for Tastes of New Haven, a tour through New Haven’s culinary history. If you enjoy live music, then check out one of the live performances held at Toad’s Place.

These are just a few of the many great activities you can find outside the University of New Haven campus.

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